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Sing-mandala | Mantra-Singen

Full name: Glenda Laila Satiro


What do you teach at FlowFabrik? Mantra Singen & Mantra Flow mit Dora


What language do you teach in? Deutsch (or if needed I speak English and Italian)


In short: Who are you?
I'm a fellow human being learning, playing and discovering this life on earth :). I'm sensitive, corageous, sometimes stubborn, sometimes soft, sometimes impatient, sometimes full of excitement. My emotions are my superpower and I believe yours are too. Nature is my home and I love to spend time with her. Hiking, trekking, climbing and skitouring are my favourite outdoor sports. Yoga, meditation and intuitive dance are a part of my physical, mental and spiritual practice and hygene. Time alone is essential for me and recharges me, community and loving connections fill my heart with warmth and joy. And of course: Singing is one of my greatest medicines and passions!

Why did you become a teacher?

I love to share my passion and to create a loving space where everyone is welcome exactely as they are. Teaching in the traditional sense was never my comfort zone, but to be honest I don't see myself as a teacher, more like a companion that shares her experiences and what she loves. I believe we are all teachers and students at the same time. We all have our expertise field which was built up by our very personal life path with our own experiences. My goal is to inspire you to discover your voice, her healing power, the joy of singing and the beauty of a common sound carpet.

What can people who attend your class look forward to? 

Everyone is welcome, it doesn't matter if you can't sing or if you're a rockstar :). I work in a very intuitive way, choosing the mantras and medicine songs by tuning into the cosmic energies as well as the group energies. I don't follow any particular dogma. Everything that I share, I share from the heart. You can come as you are and I will always encourage you to feel your own truth. A bonus you might enjoy during my mantra circles are the healing frequencies that flow through my voice.

What does movement mean for you?

For me movement is life. There is no such thing as stagnation, only a feeling of it. And, I love to move my body! I feel like a good balance between movement and stillness is essential.

Do you have a quote which suits you which you want to share? 

"Jedes Leben ist eine wunderbare Geschichte, die es wert ist, erzählt zu werden. Jedes Leben ist ein Kunstwerk, und wenn es nicht so aussieht, ist es vielleicht nur notwendig, den Raum zu beleuchten, in dem es sich befindet. Das Geheimnis besteht darin, niemals den Glauben zu verlieren, Vertrauen in Gottes Plan für uns zu haben, der sich in den Zeichen offenbart, mit denen er uns den Weg zeigt. Wnn du lernst zuzuhören, wirst du feststellen, dass jedes Leben zu uns von der Liebe spricht. Denn die Liebe ist der Weg zu allem, der Motor der Welt. Die Liebe ist die geheime Energie hinter jeder Note, die ich singe."  ~Andrea Bocelli


As a teenager/young adult I enjoyed singing lessons for 6 years with an amazing teacher that not only taught me how to open my voice, but taught me so much about myself and it was a very healing journey to self love and self empowerment. After that I played in different band formations, from rock to soul to country to singer-songwriter, for many years until I discovered the power of mantras and medicine songs. Since 2018 I hold mantra circles and sing at different events such as yoga workshops, ceremonies or festivals. In 2019 I dove into traditional Indian mantras in Rishikesh (India) studying daily one on one with a local mantra teacher for three months. This was a very transformative experience. After "going full Indian" I started diving into shamanic practices. I love to dive into traditions and remember ancient wisdom to combine it into my own personal style, which is also evergrowing and evolving with me. Currently I'm studying vocal coaching in order to structure all my practical knowledge about the voice. I've written a few songs and I'm in the process to create more space for this music area as well.

More about Glenda:


Instagram: @glendalailamusic

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