You want to be flexible, and we do understand, that sometimes you have plans of joining a class... but then... life happens.

However, we also need to plan our classes as well as pay salary for the teachers. That is why we kindly ask you to respect our cancellation policy:

  • Sign up
    In theory you can sign up for class until one second before it starts. However, if less than 3 people are signed up 4 hours before the class starts, the class can be cancelled by FlowFabrik. So, please, sign up latest 4 hours before, if you know you are going to make it anyway. Also, with the Covid-situation our spaces in the studio are limited - so it might make sense to sign up early.

  • Cancellation of booking
    If you have booked a class, but then find out, that you cannot join, you can cancel the booking without paying any fees until 4 hours before the class starts. To cancel just access our booking system (i.e. Punchpass) and manage your bookings.

  • Cancellation of morning classes (classes which happen before 12:00 o'clock)
    For these morning classes you have to cancel your booking latest at 20:00 the night before.

  • Kinderyoga and Tanz & Spiel
    These are classes happening in a closed group. When signing up, you sign up for a pre-defined group of classes happening on pre-defined dates. If you cannot attend a class, it cannot be removed from your abo.

  • Be aware: For certain events/ workshops/ happenings the sign up is binding. This means that you won't get your payment back once you have sign up. It always is clearly written on the event page, when this is the case.

Alles klar soweit? Super, dann schau dir jetzt unseren Stundenplan an.

FlowFabrik - wir freuen uns auf dich.