for mamas-to-be and mamas (as well as their babies)

Every Wednesday from 10.00-11.00 at Wartstrasse 19

(1 min from WInterthur HB)

In this course, you have the possibility to:

- work on your shape (incl your pelvic floor)
- stretch your shore mama-muscles
- learn relaxing and energizing techniques
- sweat, laugh, enjoy and energize
- connect with other moms
- learn to enjoy workout while having your baby close to you
- staying safe while workout with your babybump


With a playful combination of Yoga, Barre and Aerobic this class will never be dull. We will keep you inspired and always give you options so YOUR body and needs are met.


While taking good care of your pregnant or post-birth body we are still going to make you challenge yourself (on YOUR level).
In this way, we help stay fit while still having fun with your child/taking care of your babybelly.




Takes place every Wednesday



Class will be taught in English in a bright, modern studio right in the city center of Winterthur.
Wartstrasse 19, 8400.

IF YOU ARE PREGNANT: If you pregnancy allows you to be physically active you can join this course at any point. Before you start the course Hanne Mogensen will contact you to have a talk about YOUR needs.
If your pregnancy means that you feel ill and tired, this course is not for your at this time.
IF YOU HAVE GIVING BIRTH:Your baby should be at least 6 weeks old (in other words: Your body should have had 6 weeks to heal since the birth).
If you had a caesarean, you might want to wait longer.
Talk to your doctor if you are in doubt.
Always wait till after your first doctors check after giving birth before starting the class.

Can be between the age of 6 weeks and 1,5 year old.
Notice: We do not offer babysitting, but offer you the chance of bringing your child along with you to class.

25 CHF for a single class
225 CHF for 10 classes*
400 CHF for 20 classes*

* = You can join ANY class at FlowFabrik with this abo.

Mama Shape is the only class where you can bring you child along.

Please, do not be afraid of contacting

FlowFabrik, find us at
Wartstrasse 19 (@ Qi Space) Winterthur Switzerland

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