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19th to 22nd of January 2023

4 days/3 nights

“How we habitually talk to ourselves

significantly impacts how we habitually feel about ourselves.”

- Nic Wignall

All day everyday inside our heads lives a voice which talks to us all day long. It narrates the events in our lives, offers opinions, makes judgements and often comes up with some impressive ctitical thoughts. This inner thought stream is called self-talk and often its the negative and critical thoughts that pass through our minds that lead to unhelpful feelings and reactions.


Maybe you’ve realised that your habits of self-talk aren’t very helpful, perhaps your mind worries about the opinions of others, perhaps it is critical of all the mistakes you make and plays past events over again and again. We can walk away from a nasty person, but we can’t walk away from our own minds.

Often, however, our self talk can be automatic so being more aware of our inner dialogue and whether it is being a friend or a foe can help us to recognize the thoughts for what they are, and learn to relate to them differently.


We can’t control the thoughts but we can choose whether to believe them or not. So join us in learning to observe, challenge, and befriend the inner critic and help bring the mind, body and soul into greater alignment.

Take a little tour to the retreat space in the slide show below:

Lindenbuehl seen from outside
Lindenbuehl seen from outside

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BELLA AND HANNE Retreat 2022
BELLA AND HANNE Retreat 2022

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Hang out
Hang out

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Lindenbuehl seen from outside
Lindenbuehl seen from outside

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The value of understanding self-talk

In this retreat you will be kindly guided closer to identify your patterns of self talk and learn how to observe it and respond to it differently. With Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) discussions and exercises we will learn the different thinking distortions we can all get caught up in and how to then challenge the unhelpful ways we think.


We will explore and reflect on how to create a different relationship to our inner critic, and appreciate the healthier ways we can work with our minds so that we can react to them differently, free ourselves from our automatic ways of being and doing and create the possibility of greater freedom and choice. Negative thoughts will still appear in your head  but you will be able to choose  to stop letting them take control of you and your life.

The retreat: A nurturing and nourishing environment

On this retreat, Bella & Hanne will create a nurturing and nourishing environment to explore, get curious and learn how to work with our negative self talk differently. In doing so we give ourselves the chance to journey through our lives with greater ease and happiness as our minds work for us rather than against us. 


Our process will include group daily yoga practices, discussions, reflective exercises, mindfulness practices and lots of space to breathe, reflect and unwind. 


The body work, the yoga, will provide us with an invaluable chance to ground ourselves and root our new knowledge and learning. 


Expect a fun, dynamic and inspiring atmosphere where we will encourage one another to observe, understand, deepen and align in both body and mind. 


We will meet twice a day over the course of the long weekend to practice morning yoga and also engage in afternoon workshops and meditation, as well as sharing meal times. They’ll be plenty of time for yourself too, with no crammed schedules. 

Retreat Outline:



15:30-16:00 Arrival and check in


16:30  Introduction and welcome - setting an intention – and short yoga practice to arrive


7.00pm – Dinner - Vegetarian three course menu


There will be tea, nuts, dried fruits and fresh fruits available before the yoga practice

08:30 - 10.00 am Friday Morning Yoga Session – Hanne


10.30 am Brunch


 4 - 5.30 pm  Friday afternoon Session - Bella - The inner critic  - identifying and labelling the unhelpful thoughts in our head


6 pm Dinner - Vegetarian three course menu


8:30 pm - Yin yoga unwind practice with Hanne (optional to attend)


Silence until after Yoga the next morning






There will be tea, nuts, dried fruits and fresh fruits available before the yoga practice

08:30 - 10.00 am  Saturday Morning Yoga session - Hanne


10.00 am Brunch


4 - 5.30pm Saturday Afternoon Session – Challenging and relating differently to the inner critic


6 pm Dinner


8:30 pm - relaxation/meditation with Bella  (optional to attend)


Silence until after Yoga the next morning




There will be tea, nuts, dried fruits and fresh fruits available before the yoga practice

08:00 - 09:00  Sunday Morning Yoga Session – Hanne

09:00 Brunch and time to pack up (Room must be left by 10:00)


10:15-11:00 am Bella - final reflections and good bye


11:30 Latest Check Out




Single room: 795 CHF 

Double room: 715 CHF 
Prices are subject to change as Lindenbühl Trogen is expected to increase prices in 2023. The price difference will be paid by the participants.


Want to join or have questions?

Sign up by sending an email to Hanne via

Good to know + What is included


  • Arrival from Thursday the 19th of January at 15:30 (first session starts at 16:30)

  • 2 x 90 and 2 x 60 min Yoga Sessions

  • 1 x 45 min Yin Yoga evening session

  • 3 x Meditation Sessions

  • 2 x Workshop Sessions

  • All meals: 3 healthy brunch lunches and 3 three-course evening vegetarian meals. Also, tea as well as bowls with nuts and dried fruits in the early morning and fresh fruit throughout the day
    All meals from the buffet are served in "gôut mieux" quality, including Lindenbühl Trogens own spring water.

  • All day free tee bar

  • Bed linen and towls

  • Blankets and cushions. You can also borrow an Airex-mat at Lindenbühl, but we recommend that you bring your own 

  • Accommodation in either a single or shared room (please check out rooms on website - they are simple rooms and bathroooms are shared)

  • Sunday departure by 11:30 am


​What is not included? 

Your journey to and from the retreat space
Extra meals/drinks

Special diets

According to Lindenbühl Trogen special diets (fx lactose intolerance etc) are charged according to expenditure Fr. 6.- to Fr. 10.- depending on the expense.Notification must be made directly to Lindenbühl Trogen at least 5 days before arrival.

What to bring

Except from your most cosy sweater, most-beloved yoga pants and the obvious please pack these things in your bag for the retreat:

  • Your own house shoes. The floor in the hallways is cold in this old house :-)

  • We recommend that you bring your own mat. You can also borrow an Airex-mat at Lindenbühl. But often these do not have a very good grip

  • Note book and pens

  • And open mind :-)


Seminar- und Ferienhaus
Lindenbühl 2
9043 Trogen



About Lindenbühl:

The Lindenbühl Trogen is a seminar and vacation house beautifully situated in the Appenzell hills. It has 20 contrasting and lovingly furnished guest rooms. 

 The house includes a large hall with 100 m², the attic with 60 m², a library, a beautiful dining room with a glazed veranda and a wonderful garden.

Lindenbühl is jas well equipped for seminars as it is for large parties with many guests - at any time of the year!

The housekeeping is managed carefully with respect for nature and the environment. 

The cuisine is of course regional and organic and Goût-Mieux certified.


The food: 

Fine, careful, simple and with great quality, all food is prepared in the Lindenbühl kitchen.  Lindenbühl takes the seasons into account and what can come from the region is purchased here. On the terrace and in our wonderful garden there are pots with herbs and flowering plants.  Taste and craftsmanship are important in this kitchen. Lovingly, skillfully and organically purchased food is cooked and served here. Those who don’t eat meat are spoiled with delicious vegetarian dishes that please both the eye and the palate.
Lindenbühl and its kitchen are Goût-Mieux certified.



Hopefully this will not be a major issue this year but we will keep you informed of rules and regulations.

Bella and Hanne

Bella Glover, a British trained Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and founder of beingwell, studied psychological approaches to the mind that give us tools to change the way our brain works, boost self esteem, increase resilience and build on strengths.  My training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy opened up a world of potential and possibility for understanding why we think and act the way we do.

​Bella also trained in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Hanne Mogensen, a Danish trained vinyasa, yin and aerial yoga teacher and founder of FlowFabrik Studio, is fascinated by flow. How can we create more flow in our day to day life? What small changes can the individual make in his/her way of moving, breathing, being, doing which will have magnificient influence on the overall state of being? Hanne teaches yoga classes which are powerful, soft, empowering and reflective.

Want to join or have questions?

Sign up by sending an email to Hanne via

Cancellation policy:

Cancellation 3-6 months before retreat-start: Full Refund

Cancellation less than 3 months before retreat start: Refund of  75 % of full price will be issued

Cancellation less than 2 months before retreat start: Refund of 50 % of the full price will be issued

Cancellation less than 1 month before retreat start: No refund

If the hotel or retreat hosts should have to cancel the retreat (incl the event of lock-down or if a retreat host gets sick) then a full refund or a retreat at a later date will be offered to the participants

If a participant needs to cancel (FX due to a positive Covid-test, sickness or injury), we can not offer a refund (except the ones written above).
A Travel Insurance of the participant would often cover some of if not all of the lost expenses. Therefore we recommend you to consider getting a travel insurance.

Liability and insurance
The customer shall be liable for negligent or intentional damage to the inventory or furnishings of the seminar and holiday home Lindenbühl. The retreat participant is also liable for his/her own equipment. Insurance is the responsibility of the retreat participant.
The Seminar und Ferienhaus Lindenbühl accepts no liability for the use of unattended cloakrooms.

The responsibility for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the participants and mental well-being of the participants themselves. By signing up for this event you accept the AGBs of FlowFabrik. See here.


For reasons of better readability, this text has been written in masculine and feminine written form. All
all references to persons apply equally to all genders and non-genders.

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