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Barre, Pilates

teaches in English

Full name Christie Cunningham


What do you teach at FlowFabrik? Barre and Pilates

What language do you teach in? English

In short: Who are you?

Originally from the West Coast of Canada, I followed my husband to Switzerland 5 years ago and made it my home after a 10 year career as a professional dancer and model for stage, TV and film. I am a proud mother of two, personal trainer and movement instructor.

Why did you become a teacher?/ What can people who attend your class look forward to? 

In 2012 I underwent hip surgery due to years of overuse, bad technique and working against my anatomy. In my recovery process I was lucky to learn from some amazing trainers and healers and to reasses what really brings  joy and happiness to my life. I realized that freedom of movement in my body, freedom from pain and a physical strength in my core were essential to my health and happiness. Eventually performing became a non-essential but movement and dance never stopped. I wish to reconnect people with their own dance and movement. Something that is natural to children that we sometimes lose along the way. I still sometimes go back to performing when I teach. I am not afraid of embarrassing myself to get a point across and I feel that I have succeeded when everyone leaves having learned something concrete.


​​What does movement mean for you?

I believe that movement is a gift which helps us to understand and connect to ourselves and the world around us. Through my teaching my aim is to share my personal experience as a mover and to use this knowledge to help people who are looking to deepen their movement journey.

Complete this sentence:  When I want to feel my absolutely best, I make sure to….
...breathe, smile and do my training!

Do you have a quote which suits to you which youwant to share? 
“Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost.” - Pina Bausch

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Christie FlowFabrik Winterthur
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