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You do it about 17.000 times a day. Take a breath. And every single breath you take affects how you are doing. If your breath for example is tight, it can keep you in a loop of stress and unease.

However, simple, accessible breathing techniques can lead you to states of deep peace and clarity. And I would love to show you how.

Friday, 19th of November 2021 from 18:30-20:30

Saturday, 27th of November 2021 from 12:30-14:30

In this 2-part workshop you will start to understand your breath and how it functions on both a physical, mental as well as emotional level.

You will get to understand how you can breathe more optimally, how and why the breath has a direct effect on your mental state (including how you can use this to our benefit) and how you can position your body to breath better.


You will learn different breathing exercises which you can use when you feel out of balance or stressed, technique you can apply when you need a better focus and/or when you need more energy.


The exercises we will look closer at comes mostly out of the yoga tradition of pranayama (pranayama translating in to control of the life force aka the breath)


Working with the breath is not at all a mystical, magical trick – but you still will probably quickly start to feel a huge effect of the workshops.


Experience: You need no experience to be able to join this workshop. You simply need to be able to breathe (and since you are reading this, I expect that you are already doing that ;-D )

Language and Online/in Person: The workshop, which is taught in English, will be offered as a hybrid class. This means, that you can join either in studio or online.

Also, this means, that if you can not make the mentioned workshop-dates, you can always watch the recording of the class after the workshop has happened (recording will stay online for 3 days after the workshop).


You get: After the workshop you will get a worksheet, with which you will be fully able to start your own pranayama/breath-work practice at home.

Teacher: This workshop is taught by Hanne Mogensen, founder of FlowFabrik. Hanne is a passionate, dedicated yoga- and movement teacher and has been so since soon 10 years. Throughout the years Hanne has hosted several pranayama/breath work workshops and written articles for health magazines in both Switzerland and Denmark (where she originates from)

Duration: 2 x 120 minutes

Dates: Friday the 19th of November, 18:30-20:30 + Saturday the 27th of November 12:30-14:30.


Place: Online or at FlowFabrik, Magazingasse 2, 8400 Winterthur


Price: 95 CHF including worksheet for practicing at home

Covid: If you wish to attend this workshop in the studio, you have to have a valid Covid-Pass (3xG).

Would you like to book a shorter, 1-day variation of this workshop for your event or your workplace? Reach out to Hanne via and lets make it happen.

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