A stress free, selv-loving journey towards Christmas

24 days of guided meditation | Self-Loved, Un-stressed and Manifesting Dreams

1st of December 2021 - 24th of December 2021

Dilivered to you in your inbox everyday at 6 AM

59 CHF




Reconnect with yourself, you peace, your joy, your ease this Christmas. 

This meditation calendar is the gift that keeps on giving, and which will bring you back to that state of clarity, softness and ease you maybe have not felt for quite a while <3

- Are your curious about starting and/or deepening your meditation practice?

- Would you like to experience a sense of mindfulness this Christmas time?

- Do you need to release the frustrations of 2021 and build up a habit which will help you find more clarity in the new year?


Then this offer might be exactly what you are looking for.


Starting Wednesday the 1st of December 2021 I, Hanne, will be sharing daily recorded meditations with you (sent to you via WeTransfer, so you can download/keep them).
All the content which I create for you will step by step unfold a world of meditation which you can take with you in to your day-to-day life.


We will cover 4 main themes:


  • Cultivating self-love

  • Releasing stress

  • Staying true to your self (battling self-doubt)

  • Contemplating and Manifesting your dreams


We take 6 days of deep dive in to each theme. The first day of a new theme you will receive two audio file - one with your first meditation on the theme and one with background wisdom, inspiration and food for thoughts on the theme.


The remaining days you just receive one audio file every morning (in your inbox at 6 AM) with a meditation that - day for day - takes you deeper and deeper in to that topic.


At the end of this journey you will have build up a new, great, healthy, calming habit of meditation.

And you will feel more relaxed, connected and clear (that is at least my aim).


  • Costs:  59 CHF

  •  Included is life long access to the audio files 

  • 24 days of guidance (01/12 2021 to 24/12 2021)

  • The mails will be shared with you each morning at 6 AM

  • Can I join if I am a beginner? Yes, absolutely

  • The audio files will be recorded in English and all text will also be written in English.