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Overcoming overwhelm and becoming clear

Christmas Calendar 2022 a la FlowFabrik

with Hanne Mogensen, studio founder + yoga, pranayama and meditation teacher.

I am proud and happy to lead you towards more peace for the 3rd holiday season in a row.

Life in 2022 is sometimes… a lot.
Constantly in a mode of interacting, processing, doing, planning, exchanging, communicating, and analyzing life can feel quite overwhelming at times. Sometimes it feels as if you are a hand-puppet of life instead of living life.

Life during the holiday season is no exception... at all.

This holiday season we will dedicate 10-20 minutes to ourselves every single day to battle overwhelm, become clear, let go of over-thinking and feel better.

Welcome to a Christmas calendar which gives you the gift of coming back to your calm, clear mind so you can live life and not just be "surviving".

The daily practice will contain guided meditation and breath work (pranayama), as well as Yoga Nidra and a few coaching tools which will get you reflecting about what you want for yourself and your life.

The coaching tool will be shared with you on Saturdays while the longer practice of Yoga Nidra will be shared with you on Sundays (Except: the first Sunday; 27th of Nov). All other days of the week the content of the E-mail will be an audio file which you can do at home/at work/in the train.

The details:

  • We start on Sunday the 27th of November (first Sunday in Advent) and the last day of the calendar is the 24th of December.  However, my aim is to provide you with tools which you will want to keep using for a long time to come.

  • Everyday at 5:30 AM an E-mail will land in your inbox. The email contains a link to We Transfer with the MP3 audio-file and/or a PDF with the practice of the day. This practice can be done whenever it suits your schedule (at home, in the train, in your break).

  • Lets commit to showing up for ourselves EVERY DAY! Not for my sake - but for yours. This only works if you show up and do the work.

  • Time investment pr day: 10-20 minutes

  • Can I join if I am a beginner? Yes, absolutely. You just have to be willing to "show up" every day for yourself and to stay at it even on the days where you would rather scroll on your phone instead of doing your meditation/breath work.

  • The audio files will be recorded in English and all text will also be written in English.

  • The price of this calendar is:  69 CHF
    Included is 28 peace-bringing E-mails :-)

    And all material which you get to keep

    Members of "Flow with Hanne": This offer is included in your membership (45 CHF/month - Check out Flow with Hanne)

At the end of this journey you will have build up a new, great, healthy, calming habit of meditation.

And you will feel more relaxed, connected and clear.

Now that is what I would say creates the basis for not only a merry Christmas but a good life.

Love, Hanne

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