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Powerfully Present

… that is the gift I want you to give yourself for Christmas this year.


Christmas Calendar anno 2023 a la FlowFabrik
By Hanne Mogensen, founder, teacher and for ever a student too

1st - 24th of December 2023

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There is a longing inside of most of us. A longing that no external experience – a job, a lover, fame, money, looks, status – can satisfy for very long at the time. No matter what this material life brings us, the hunger – the longing - always returns eventually. Why? Because the emptiness those material experiences leave in their wake is too much to bear.

According to the yoga tradition, this emptiness cannot be filled with anything material. For us to feel fulfilled – for the tight grip of the longing to let go – we need to become familiar with a whole different aspect of our being; something non-material, something which needs care, nourishment, patience, resilience, and effort to be revealed. 


Instead of the wish for more or the idea that we need to change ourselves to be fulfilled, I would like to teach you how to be deeply present with “what is”. Because learning to be with “what is” is an act that can bring about genuine, sustainable, long lasting inner calm.


In this years Christmas Calendar - the 4th year in a row - I will guide you through a 24 day long journey. The destination is the most inspiring place you have ever been: “Your peaceful, present self”.


We will be meditating, doing pranayama (breath work) and enjoy soft yoga flows.

Every day you will receive an audio file and once a week a video on the theme of being Powerfully Present, followed by a practice to ground the experience in both body and mind.

What to expect – the practical stuff in more detail:

  • We start on Friday the 1st of December and the last day of the calendar is Sunday the 24th of December. However, my aim is to provide you with tools which you will want to keep using for a long time to come.

  • Every day at 5:30 AM an E-mail will land in your inbox. The email contains a link to either We Transfer or Youtube with the practice of the day. I will also offer a Whats App group in which I will do daily uploads of the same material you get in the emails.

  • The practices can be done whenever it suits your schedule (at home, in the train, in your break). If you miss a day, you can easily repeat it later.

  • The audio files will start with 2-4 minutes talk/frame setting then a 10-15 min guided meditation or pranayama. Aim: help you align with your current thoughts, feelings and sensations + tools to calm and clear your mind.
    Every Sunday you get a 20-30 minute yoga practice. The yoga practices will be soft flows for any experience level. The aim will be to release tension and help you feel grounded and connected.


  • Lets commit to showing up EVERY DAY! Not for my sake - but for yours. This only works if you do the work.

  • Can I join if I am a beginner or if I am pregnant? Yes, absolutely. You just have to be willing to "show up" every day for yourself and to stay at it even on the days where you would rather scroll on your phone instead of doing your meditation/breath work/yoga flow.

  • All material - written and spoken will be offered to you in English.

  • The price of this calendar is:  69 CHF
    Included is 24 peace-bringing E-mails :-)
    You get to keep all material.

About Hanne

Hanne Mogensen is the founder and main teacher of FlowFabrik Yoga and Movement studio in Veltheim, Winterthur.
Hanne is Danish and lives with her Swiss husband and two children aged 5 and 7 in Veltheim. Hanne is E-RYT 500 + YACEP. Since a decade she lives of sharing the practice of yoga teaching more than 3100 hours of classes, workshops and retreats. In her teachings she is passionate about clear, detailed instructions, depth and philosophy, educating every participant in getting to know themselves better, keeping a dedicated but down to earth and welcoming atmosphere, diving into pranayama and deep meditation.

At the end of this journey you will have build up a new, great, healthy, calming habit of meditation.

And you will feel more relaxed, connected and clear.

Now that is what I would say creates the basis for not only a merry Christmas but a good life.

I would be honored to get to guide you.

Love, Hanne

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