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Step into life

with Bella & Hanne | May 2022 - March 2023

How do we thrive amidst these turbulent times? How do we move out of overwhelm towards a new wholeness?


  • we build a supportive community of like minded people

  • we invest time in ourselves and carve out intentional space

  • we explore topics that provide us with deeper understanding about ourselves

  • we break down old paradigms of judgement and comparison

  • we learn tools to support our minds and bodies to work through struggle

  • we tune into our bodies and soothe our nervous system

  • we understand what might be holding us back

  • we let go of limited mindsets

  • we move, we laugh, we talk, we share

  • And we drink lots of tea. Lots. And eat cake.

Nature Tokens


Make and observe meaningful changes in your life by connecting to practices and tools that will help you to feel more at home in your body and mind.


Gain community by connecting and building relationships with like minded people. Take time for yourself to move into a different state of being and start to really listen to what your body is telling you.


Let’s shift away from survival mode and move towards a more intentional life where we discover what is possible.


Space to Thrive is a year long programme where we carve out space to meet every 8-9 weeks to practise yoga, meditate, journal and have discussions around a central psychological theme.


We will meet at FlowFabrik studio one Sunday afternoon bi-monthly and dedicate this space to practise, explore, observe and learn more about the connections between body and mind and how this can support us to truly thrive in our lives. Take away material will also be provided.


Topics included:

  • Self esteem

  • Friendship and connection 

  • Solving the Stress Cycle

  • The Inner critic 

  • Self compassion

  • Establishing Boundaries

Rooted in her background as a CBT therapist, Bella offers background knowledge, food for thought and mind shifting exercises, while Hanne invites the topics to manifest in your body, breath and being through movement, breath work and meditations aligned with the given theme of the day.


Bella Glover, a British trained Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and founder of beingwell, studied psychological approaches to the mind that give us tools to change the way our brain works, boost self esteem, increase resilience and build on strengths.

Hanne Mogensen, yoga teacher and founder of FlowFabrik, teaches yoga classes which are powerful, soft, empowering and reflective.


Where: FlowFabrik studio

When: On the following Sundays: 

15th May,

3rd July,

11th September,

20th November 2022,

22nd Jan 2023

and 19th March 2023

Time: 2 - 5.30pm

Bring: A journal, some curiosity and an open heart

Spaces: 12

Cost: CHF 720 

Language: English

(Both teachers do understand German but will teach in English)

Can't make all dates? Let us know a few days in advance, and we will happily recording the meeting. We use a Røde Microphone to give you the best sound experience possible. Class will be recorded on Zoom.

Pregnant? You are absolutely still able to join this journey. Make sure to tell Hanne, that you are pregnant, and she will adjust the yoga class to suit you as well.

(If Corona returns we will move sessions to Zoom and send out bags with well-being and info before each session.)

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