The statement above comes directly from my heart. And so does this: THANK YOU!


Thank you to you who practice regularly with FlowFabrik.

Thank you to you who join an event from time to time.

Thank you to other teachers who inspire us, to practicioners who join us on Youtube and to my friends and family!

Without your support FlowFabrik would never have become what it is today!

A few days after the Government of Switzerland announced a lockdown, I was supposed to sign a rental contract which would have been able to turn FlowFabrik into a FULL TIME yoga and movement studio for all. With yoga and movement classes EVERY single day of the week and different teachers on the schedule.

I am - to some extend - happy that I didn't sign a paper before this lockdown, which would have cost me a bigger monthly rent.

At the same time I am extremely excited and nervous for when and how I will be able to fulfill this studio dream.


This dream which almost became real was only possible because of you and your support, inspiration and trust! THANK YOU!

In this time of Corona, I am creating lots of online content for you - check FlowFabriks Youtube Channel.

If you like what you see and enjoy the workouts, I would be so very grateful if you:

  • Subscribe to the channel

  • Share the videos with your community (Let's spread the flow)

 The Youtube-videos are - of course - free of charge!

If you wish to join our LIVE STREAMED CLASSES have a look at the schedule right here 

With love, Hanne

FlowFabrik bewegt dich.

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