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On Saturday, 31st of October 2020, we open our studio in Winterthur Veltheim (at the former VOLG Weinkellereien). Our address is Magazingasse 2, 8400 Winterthur.

THE OPENING | 31.10.2020

  • 10:15 - 11:00 Barre with Christie-Joy Cunningham (Studio class Sold out  BUT you can join online. Visit the booking page to sign up)

  • 12:15 – 13:00 Embodied Flow with Dora (German) (Studio class Sold out  BUT you can join online. Visit the booking page to sign up)

  • 12:00 - 14:00 Frau Hund is at The Studio with her Hot Dogs (also vegi and children options)
    BE AWARE: Frau Hund will only be at the opening if it is within the regulations of BAG. Sadly cancelled on 22.10.2020 due to the current situation.


  • 13:45 - 14:30 LYT Yoga with Nicole Vignoli (Studio class Sold out  BUT you can join online. Visit the booking page to sign up)

  • 14:45 - 15:45 Vinyasa Yoga with Sanella Dupcevic (Studio class Sold out  BUT you can join online. Visit the booking page to sign up)

  • 16:00 Doors Close





Actually we wanted to invite you all to come by, hang out (outdoors) and sense the community that we would like to create as a studio in Winterthur.

But... we have to wait. NOt with the community and not with the classes, but we have to wait with the "coming together in a big group".

Corona and the rules that BAG announced on 28th of October means for us, that we can not bring people together in a happening like that.

We can host our classes - under the new regulations. And we can host online classes as well. But we are not allowed to invite you all to come and hang out. We hope you understand, and will support us anyway.

Do you still want to have a look inside the studio?

On Instagram on Saturday at 09:30 Hanne will go live from the studio. She will show you around and tell you about the philosophy behind FlowFabrik. You can ask questions as well, if you have any.

It will be 15 minutes or more depending on how many questions you have :-D

For all who are taking part in the opening, we kindly ask you to put on a mask, take off your shoes and disinfect your hands when you go inside. Before and after all classes we will open all windows to fully air out the space for you.

We recommend that you bring your own mat with you.

Please stay at least 1,5 meters apart when visiting – both outdoors and indoors.

Also, we kindly ask you to have a mask on – also outdoors on this day.  

Want to join, but couldn't get a spot in the classes? No problem. All the classes at the opening will also be streamed live on Zoom.

YEAH! Go sign up here. Together but apart.

​Is it tactically the best timing ever to open a studio in the middle of crisis?

Probably not.... or maybe yes. Maybe it is the best timing ever.

To stay sane, fit, positive and to help the immune system to function most optimal FlowFabrik is opening its doors at exactly the perfect time.

More than ever movement, breath and awareness is needed. And this is (in short) precisely what we offer.

FlowFabrik is a Yoga & Movement studio which offers you a broad range of movement and joy no matter what age you have, gender you are and experience you have (or don’t have).

Of course we follow all the given precautions in order for us all to stay healthy. We have a “Schutzkonzept”. And next to yoga mats, ballet barres, hand weights and good energy the studio is also stuffed with disinfection liquid, constant fresh air and enough distance between all mats.


You can’t or won’t come to the studio?

We respect this and understand. However, we do not what to leave you out. You can join many of our studio classes via either on-demand videos or live on Zoom. Reach out to us to set this up for you.

Take care and stay healthy as well as sane!

Love, Hanne & Fabrikarbeiter*innen

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