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VIDEO: Twist, Sweat, Release. 40 minutes

In this intermediate level, 40 minutes, VINYASA yoga practice we will be twisting and flowing.

Twists are amazing for your spine and for your digestive system. These are a few of the benefits of twists: - decompress the vertebrae in a safe and healthy way - helps to aid spine mobility and release back pain - gives an instant energy lift - aids digestion Further: - incorporate the center of our body, working the abdominal, obliques, the muscles that support the movement of our spine, our shoulders, pelvis, neck etc… that is when you are doing them correctly - stimulate circulation, creating heat, releasing tension in the muscles of the spine, abdomen and rib cage, which has a knock-on effect of helping the other systems in your body work effectively - help to stimulate our organs, including our organs of elimination which in turn can help stimulate our metabolism In other words: I LOVE TWISTS!

How to twist safely: In the video above I mention this already. But I want to highlight it even more (alignment is everything) and therefore I invite you to read and take some time to understand the guidelines below. If you have ANY comments or questions feel free to write a comment on this video. I will do my utmost to answer to you. GUIDELINE FOR TWISTING:

- Inhale and lengthen the spine first. In seated twists, ground through the sitting bones. If you experience rounding in the lower back here, sit up on a block or blankets so you maintain the natural length and curves of the back.

- Exhale and twist from the lower spine up

- When twisting be aware that different parts of the spine have different range of mobility.

The lower part, the lumbar, rotates only around 5 degrees, the thoracic spine rotates approx 35 degrees whereas the cervical spine has the most mobility with around 50 degrees. These are generalizations but give an idea of the relative mobility.

- To avoid the neck doing all the work involve the whole spine by starting the twist from the lower spine working up, with your neck turning last. This might mean your twist looks less ‘twisty’ than it used to



Let's twist again! Love, Hanne

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