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Satya - Embody your inner voice

As I stood on Steinberggasse the other night, listening to the words, tunes and beats from the band playing in front of me, I forgot that I was amoung thousands of other people at the MFW, which is taking place at the moment.

I was floating in the words, I felt the feelings and I was amazed by how the person who had written this text had dared to show her or his most truest, un-camouflaged feelings in the text.

I felt like I was getting to listen to the inner-voicer of the songwriter – that little voice we all have whispering about dreams and hoped and love and hunger and needs and fears and pain and happiness and guidance. (That voice that we might not all be that good at listening too.) And that is why the classes I taught this week at FlowFabrik came to be about: