Satya - Embody your inner voice

As I stood on Steinberggasse the other night, listening to the words, tunes and beats from the band playing in front of me, I forgot that I was amoung thousands of other people at the MFW, which is taking place at the moment.

I was floating in the words, I felt the feelings and I was amazed by how the person who had written this text had dared to show her or his most truest, un-camouflaged feelings in the text.

I felt like I was getting to listen to the inner-voicer of the songwriter – that little voice we all have whispering about dreams and hoped and love and hunger and needs and fears and pain and happiness and guidance. (That voice that we might not all be that good at listening too.) And that is why the classes I taught this week at FlowFabrik came to be about:

Embodying yourself and letting your inner voice become your outer voice.

Satya is one of the five yamas (five principles of social restraints to gain more union) and it means: Truth.

I mention this because that inner voice I mentioned before that is Satya. It always speak that truth. YOUR TRUTH!

Important: Do not mix your inner guiding voice, with that little nagging voice you MIGHT also know which tells you that you don't look right, do good or are enough. THAT is a WHOLE other voice!!!

In the most basic way Satya/Truth is about not lying. Do not lie. When I first got familiar with this principle I thought: “Oh, I’ll easily check this of my list on my way towards enlightenment”.. .haha… But not lying is more than not telling bad excuses or saying that your dog eat your homework.

Not lying relates not just to the words you speak – but also to the words you do not speak. Do you not speak because you do not dare? Or think your words are not important? Or do you not speak because you literally have nothing to say to the topic at hand?

No lying has to do with your actions. Do you do what you do/eat what you eat/read what you read/buy what you buy/wear what you wear/work what you work as/studie what you study (I guess you get the idea) ... because it is RIGHT FOR YOU? Or do you do it because I think it is what you are supposed to do?

Do not lie. Live your Satya/Truth.

The truth can be scary. Letting your inner voice be your outer voice can be scary. But if not you eventually will lose yourself.

So today allow that little voice to speak a little louder in your inner ear. Listen to it. Respect. Respond.


LOVE, Hanne

BTW: Remember you speak with more than just your mouth. Speak with your actions too.

Learn to listen to others, and know that you do not need to stand on the top of a mountain and yell your opinion just because you have one.


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