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One day urban retreat: Mindful Movement (08.08.2020)

Aktualisiert: 7. Aug. 2020

Spending the summer in Winterthur? Come join our one day urban retreat which will change your view of movement for ever.

Sat. 08.08.2020 | 10:00-16:00 | Less is more & FlowFabrik

This one day event of movement is not about sweat, stretch or performance (although we are going to both sweat and stretch).

This event is about you finding your truth.

It is about you learning to listen to the wisdom of your body and breath, and being brave enough to let go of the control, comparison and judgment of the mind.

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How do we do that?

  • You will be introduced in depth to the principles of mindfulness in both theory and practice. In particular we will dive into the topic of to mindful movement

  • You will be guided through different styles of movement, which demands different physical effort - and in all of these styles we will apply mindfulness

  • You will be invited to sit still and breathe, to find your inner stillness

  • You will be gently encouraged to strengthen and find trust in your own ability even during styles of movement which you have maybe never tried before

  • You will be invited to reflect about what your truth is regarding different topics, and practice talking your truth (in a safe circle and in an harmless, kind, truthful way).

Via the link below you can see the full program description and sign up. 

This event is a co-creation between Less is more and FlowFabrik. 

Hanne, founder of FlowFabrik, will be your guide during this whole day, which also includes picnicking and a swim (for those who feel like it).

We have just 12 spots open for this event.  Each spot costs 140 CHF.


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