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Namasté - what does that even mean?

Aktualisiert: 17. März 2020

You hear it at the end of every yoga class you attend, while you sit there with hands together in prayer pose and head slightly bend forward: NAMASTÉ.

The first time you attended class (maybe even the first MANY times) you probably eccoed this greeting with a sense of confusion, nervouse and a "am I saying this right?"- look in your eyes.

NAMASTÉ - What does it even mean?

Littlerally translated Namasté means: I bow to you.

But there is a wider translation to it as well, which is just so purely, wonderfully inspiring.

As you read the following, try to take a moment to really let every sentence soak in for a moment before reading the next one:

The bus driver in your bus, the woman in COOP, the person on the mat next to you in class. They all have this (and you do too!!!) this light, love, peace, and beauty. The place of goodness.

The people you disagree with do.

The people you love do.

You do.

Sometimes you are in a place in life, where you can shine your light so bright that you can lit up eveything and everyone. And other times, you feel like you are in a dark place. But that light, it is always within you.

Sometimes you meet people who you have the feeling bring you to a "darker" place. They piss you of to be frank.

But here is a truth:

Other people are responsible for their words, thoughts and actions.

YOU are responsible for how you react to it!

Let your light shine!

Sharing is caring

It is a beautiful thing to know that we can elevate each other and light the path for others. That we can inspire each other to shine again - that, that is human kindness and human magic.

Sharing and lifting others can feel awesome. It can also sometime feel a bit scary to share something. When you see people getting inspired by you, it can sometimes feel like somebody is "stealing" something from you.

But they are not.

They can not.

Because it is already yours.

And it is already theirs.

And light never decreased by being shared.

So go ahead and "Namasté". Lets lift eachother up and lift our self up. When we help each other shine, we can lit the world and make a change!


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