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MAMA SHAPE now also on-demand

Life is ever-changing and so are your plans. As a parent even more so.

That is why we have added something new to our offer: MAMA SHAPE ON-DEMAND!

As always we will keep hosting our MAMA SHAPE lesson as a studio class.

These take place every Thursday between 10:00 and 11:00.

However, we understand, that not all moms or women who are expecting a child have time during the day. And also: Maybe you plan to join, but then your baby gets sick or you didn't sleep since 4 days or... or ... or... Life with children is full of surprises.

So, that is why we now record our studio classes (we ONLY record the teacher - and not the babies or participants!).

After the class, all who have signed up (no matter if they attended physically or not) get access to the recording.

The recording is then online for 7 days. In other words: The recording is online until the day where a new Mama Shape Recording is put online for you.

You can do the recording whenever, wherever and as many times as it suits YOU!

And you can press "Pause" whenever you need a break or to do a diaper change or nurse or... or... or... Like that, you never miss out of any of your You-Time and movement.