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FlowFabrik Yoga & Movement Studio opens in November 2020

Aktualisiert: 14. Aug. 2020

In der Überbauung "Zur Weinlese" wird FlowFabrik ab November 2020 ein Yoga & Movement Studio betreiben.
FlowFabrik Yoga & Movement Studio - Zur Weinlese (Winterthur-Veltheim)


It is true.

I have been waiting months (actually years) to break this news:


In the studio we will be offering a broad range of movement classes taught in Swiss German, German and English, all days of the week.

The foundation will, of course, be yoga and joy, but the schedule will also include other movement styles. Why? Because you, your body, your breath and your mind benefit from moving in different ways! So that is what we want to encourage and guide you to do.

The regular classes will be:

  • Yoga (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced | Yin, Vinyasa, Yin/Yang, ...)

  • Barre

  • HIIT

  • Dance

  • Pilates 

  • Pre-and Post-natal /Schwangerschaft und Rückbildung

  • Yoga for Children

  • Ü50 Yoga, Pilates & Bewegung

  • ... and more

Wow! Just writing this gives me goosebumps.

My dream of creating a space which offers different group classes but always with a big element of joy, alignment and breath focus is becoming real!

You, your body, mind and breath benefit from moving mindfully in different ways - and this is what we will be offering.

Where exactly?

We will be part of the newly built Zur Weinlese (you might know it as the former Volg Weinkellerei), and our studio will be bright, welcoming, modern, and personal. Our exact address will be Magazingasse 2, 8400 Winterthur

A personal community

At FlowFabrik Studio you will be able to join group classes in a size of max 15 people and smaller, which makes sure that everybody can get the attention they deserve. We are putting together a team of teachers and guides who are not just passionate and professional in what they teach, but also kind, open-minded and welcoming. This is SO important for us. We want YOU - dear member - to not just be a member. We want you to be part of FlowFabrik and always feel welcome no matter how you feel, look and what experience you have.

Our yoga and movement studio is about community, personal growth and joy.... and maybe, as a side effect, you end up more fit and/or flexible.

We want you to know and feel that you can COME AS YOU ARE and be welcomed with open arms.

Yay!!! (Imagine me screaming YAY with tears in my eyes right now.. that is honestly how I look while writing this). Soon we will be able to share more exciting news with you and the rest of the world. So stay tuned.

Until then: EXPLORE | DREAM | DISCOVER Love & Flow, Hanne

Pssssst.... Put a note in your calendar on the 31st of October 2020. You might want to attend our BOMB of an opening.


All classes will continue on Wartstrasse 19 and outdoor until we move.

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