MY PATH 2021

Journaling | Meditation | Breath Work


Starting: 06/03 2021
End: 08/06 2021

In short:

  • One weekly guided meditation or prayanama/breath work which you can integrate in to your every day life. Duration: Typically 8-15 minutes pr meditation/pranayama

  •  One weekly one-hour "Tune In" classes live on Zoom with meditation and mindfulness. Can't mke the live class? No problem? You get a recording of the class too. The recording it up for 3 days.

  • Weekly journaling topics which are always inspired by questions which can lead YOU closer to YOUR path and your happiness.


Longer variation:

My Path 2021

Through this offer of breath work, meditation and journaling we want to help you guide yourself closer to balance, happiness and fulfillment.

“My Path” is the name of this offer from FlowFabrik which includes:

  • One weekly guided pranayama or meditation sent directly to your email as an audio file. You will get to understand not just how but also why meditation and breath work has a proven effect on your mindset, your nervous system and thereby on your life.

  • One weekly one-hour Tune In class which contains an initial body scan meditation, inviting you to arrive in your body, heart and mind, followed by guided journaling. This class is taught live on Zoom every Saturday from 12.00-13.00. A recording, which will be online for 3 days, will be made available for your pleasure enabling you to do the class in your own time.

  • Inspiration to different journaling techniques if/when you feel like journaling more on your own

Do you have concrete goals which you are trying to achieve in your life at the moment?  If yes, ask yourself: Are these made by your mind or your heart?

How are you doing at the moment? Are you balanced, lost, or in between?

No matter what your answers are, the “My Path” offer is for you to find YOUR path… not just through 2021, but through life. Journaling, meditation, and breath work are 3 powerful life habits which will be able to help you through the natural ups, downs and in-betweens of a lifetime.

With “My Path” we want to help you find more balance in your life, listen/trust more into your heart and thereby find your path to happiness through paying more attention and becoming more aware.

By sitting with our minds and writing down our thoughts we create powerful ways of connecting to ourselves and increasing self awareness. In this opening up we can develop a different relationship towards our thoughts and nurture a new way of being.

So, join this calm, powerful journey which will help you return to yourself.

Who are your guides?

  • Bella Groff is a British Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and Mindfulness teacher. In her work supporting adults overcome depression, anxiety and stress she encourages a lot of Mindfulness and journaling practises.

  • Meditation and breath work audio files will be made by Hanne Mogensen. Hanne lives of teaching yoga, meditation, breath work and movement since 2013. Also, she has written several articles about the benefits of breathing right for different health magazines. Hanne is Danish and teaches in English.

The practical stuff:

  • Start Saturday the 6th of March 2021 – End Tuesday the 8th of June 2021.

  • Every Tuesday you get an email with a guided meditation or pranayama sequence + topics/questions to journal on.
    And every Saturday you will be invited to the Tune In session with Bella live on Zoom (and/or via recording)

  • Price: 199 CHF  (actual worth: 560 CHF)

Written in small letters:

  • Sign up is binding

  • Programme will happen if at least 6 people are signed up by latest the 1st of March 2021.

  • If programme is cancelled from FlowFabriks side you will get the entire fee back

  • Tune In is also available as its own offer which can be purchased for 25 CHF pr class or with a FlowFabrik Abo for 225 CHF for 10 times or 400 CHF for 20 times (the abo is also valid for all other classes at FlowFabrik).

What you get:

  • 14 audio files (+extra teachings) with pranayama/breath work and meditation. You will have lifetime access

  • 14 x 60 min Tune in

What you need:

  • A journal just dedicated to “My Path”

  • A pen

  • Comfy clothes

  • An open mind

  • A readiness to be guided

  • A basic understanding of English

  • (no experience needed)


If you have any considerations, questions or doubths you can reach out to Hanne through out the programm via or 076 690 91 09

With love, peace and prosperity,

Bella & Hanne

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