Journalist, Blogger & Traveller

Describe yourself with one sentence 

Journalist and traveller with a punkrock heart, sustained by coffee and mountains, based in Switzerland and happiest on the road.


Health is…

... connecting with my body, but also connecting with the world around me, exploring nature walking, hiking, biking or snowboarding, and surrendering to its energy and peacefulness while slowing down with the powerful moves of yoga.


I feel the very best when I…

... cosy down on the couch starting the first page of a book I am excited about. Watch the treetops spin in the sky after I just finished a run in the forest.    Get an encouraging feedback after writing and publishing an article on an issue I find important. Flow down the slopes on a picture-perfect winter day in the Swiss alps. Got through one of Hanne's Barré-Classes and didn't die of exhaustion. And generally: When I get to do something I love with people I love.


What does a perfect day include for you?

Perfect days come in many forms and shapes. They do usually include mountain views of some sort. A bit of grounding or energising time on the mat. Coffee. And ideally a cosy campfire at the end of the day.


Why FlowFabrik? 

Because Hanne is a teacher who encourages you to stay soft and at the same time push your limits. Because she tries to take her yoga into every aspect of life. Because she is a teacher still curious herself and exploring the possibilities of taking her yoga - and her studentes - out of its comfort zones. Into a museum for example. Or into the forest.

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