with Handpan & Journaling

Sunday the 20/12 2020



Two hour calm, kind yoga in the light of candles. Eva Blanco will guide you (in Swiss German) through this event which will contain a soft yoga practice, soothing sound of her handpan and a room filled with candles as your only source of light.

The 21st of December (the day after the event) is the shortest day of the year – the day we see the sun for the fewest amount of minutes in a day before the darkness again takes over. We want to mark this time of the year by creating softness and remind ourselves that without darkness there would be no light.


At the end of the event there will be a bit of journaling and intention-settings for the new year. In this way we hope to prolong the good vibes and the light of the event to shine with you in to 2021.

Eva Blanco is a passionate yoga teacher, body therapist and a professional music therapist. In other words, Eva is bringing together all of her passions in this event to guide both your body, mind, soul, ears and eyes towards harmony.

Price: 50 CHF

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