Your body wants to move. This is a fact. 

However, many of us have a job where we end up spending hours/days/months/years seated at a desk hunched slightly forward. This generates tension which can become permanent.
These are facts most of us are aware of already. However, many of us still have a hard time finding the awareness, time and guidance to counteract the negative effect our deskwork have on our body.


Well, move. When we move (any kind of movement) the blood starts to flow better. And, when we ad some nice deeps breaths to this movement, we also improve the supply of oxygen from the outside air to the cells of the body. All in all, improving your well-being, lowering your stress level and helping you find a better alignment in your body (both when your are seated at your desk and when you are living life away from your screen)


Our Anti-Desk-Work-Movement-program will help you counteract the negative effects of sitting at a desk every day. You will be guided through releasing pain, re-finding space in your shoulder area, building strength to support a healthy posture, and you will learn therapeutic treatments for your neck, shoulders and lower back which you can do at home/at the office.



Our Anti-Desk-Work-Movement is a 4 week program. 


Each week has a topic: 

  • WEEK 1: Shoulders & Neck

  • WEEK 2: Hips & Hammies (Hamstrings)

  • WEEK 3: Core, Lower back & Posture

  • WEEK 4 Full body integration


For each topic you get 3 videos: 

  • 1 x yoga practice which will help you release the tension

  • 1 x practice you can do at your desk (wearing office clothes)

  • 1 x therapy using FX tennis balls to massage the connective tissue in the affected areas and also excersises to create the needed strength in the different areas of focus

  • On top of that you get a 20 min bonus video which focuses on building strength and support in core, shoulders and back.



When purchasing access to this program you get immediate access to all content (all 4 weeks), like this you can structure the program as you wish. You will have access for 6 weeks (counting from the time of purchase).

So, you have 6 weeks to complete this 4 week program. But you could also do all the videos within FX 1 week. You can watch and re-watch any video as many times as you like within these 6 weeks. 

After the 6 weeks you can of course purchase the program again to get access again.


  • Log in to your punchpass account (you will need to set this up when you first purchase access)

  • Look at the top bar for "Content Library"

  • "Anti-Desk-Work-Movement"

  • Select your video and start feeling better :-)


Anti-Desk-Work-Movement is guided by Hanne Mogensen. Hanne is the founder of FlowFabrik Yoga & Movement studio in Winterthur, Switzerland. Hanne teaches in English (she is Danish).

Since 2013 Hanne makes a living of sharing her passion for healthy movement and deep breaths. She teaches yoga, barre, HIIT as well as meditation and breath work. 

With a past in journalism, Hanne really understands how to communicate short, clear and accurate while also making you feel "seen" through the screen. 

Get ready to improve your well-being. Not for the sake of your desk work - but for the sake of your life.

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