Less is more

Describe yourself with one sentence 

I am Less: short form of my name Alessia and the essence of my mantra Less is more - to live this is basically my biggest challenge in life. 


Health is…

Everything - mentally & physically. To appreciate your body, mind & soul and to nourish it with pure food, positive thoughts and treat yourself in a lovable way is the fertile soil of us. 


I feel the very best when I…

Do what I love. Purely & fully.


What does a perfect day include for you?

Good sleep, meditation & yoga, self-made food, this flow feeling, being creative, deep conversations, abundance of love & laughter - and then go to bed with this feeling ‚Yes, you lived this day to the fullest'.


Why FlowFabrik? 

Because it’s Hanne who is the purest yoga guidance who remember you to be who you are, to move how it possible for you today - after a session at FlowFabrik my body, mind & soul feel fully balanced. For me, in these classes, Yoga is so much more than movement. It's a feeling of bringing yourself home.

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