Essential Elements of Acroyoga

and Fun Transitions

Taught by Danica and Andrin from Acrolama -

Sunday, 04.07.2021 | 13:30-16:30

Multi-level = Also for beginners

Have you already attended a workshop with Danica and Adrian?

Expect to lean more and go deeper by attending again.


Class will be taught in a mix of German and English (whatever language suits the participants best)



In this 3-hour workshop we will give you different perspectives and ways to improve your personal Acroyoga practice or - if you are a beginner - to start this new movement adventure! We will share surprising insights into how you can use the right technique, lightness, body awareness and confidence in dynamic Acroyoga flows.

No matter if you already have a lot of experience or whether this is your first Acroyoga lesson, we're here to meet you on your level and work towards your goals! We will tickle you out of your comfort zone, with an interplay of control and release.

This practice brings yoga and acrobatics together and has limitless, playful facets to offer! It is an interesting dive into new forms of movement where your coordination, flexibility and strength will be improved.

There is no guarantee that you will master all the skills taught during this workshop. As always, subsequent practice with your acro partner will make it perfect.

Price: 130 CHF.

Notice: Price is for two persons. Due to the current situation we thereby kindly force you to sign up with a partner.

Sign up is binding.

Note: This workshop will be taught outdoor. If the weather is bad the workshop will happen on a back up date: 10/07 2021 from 09:00-12:00)