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220H Teacher Training

This training will will enrich your practice and your life.
Jan - Oct 2024

It sometimes seems magical, how a good yoga teachers can affect their students deeply.
But of course, it's not magic. It is craftsmanship.


This teacher training will deepen your understanding of the yoga practice in all its glory (not limited to only the asana practice). Also you will gain fundamental tools which  you can apply if you dream of teaching "magical" yoga classes to others.

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Hanne has been living of teaching yoga full-time since 2015. Her approach to sharing yoga with others is to create a strong foundation first and then building on top of that. This way, the teacher training will give you a solid, well-educated foundation on which you can build your own style and personal yoga journey - be it as a yoga practitioner or as a (good) teacher.


In this training, Hanne will share the techniques that underpins her own teaching - which is clear instructions, functional anatomy and inspiring/relatable philosophical themes. The style of asana classes will cover gentle hatha, sweat dripping vinyasa, super slow yin and aerial yoga. Hanne is also a strong teacher within the fields of pranayama and meditation from which the trainees also will benefit.


The aim is obviously not to make Hanne clones (!) out of the trainees. The aim is to educate you on the foundation of yoga and give you the knowlegde, trust and gentle push to find your own style.


During the training, you will of course learn about what to do when your students have special challenges that you need to take into account. However, you will not be trained to target your teaching to students with special needs,such as overweight, elderly, injured or disabled students. We will have a look at practicing yoga when pregnant, but notice that this training is not a prenatal yoga teacher training. To cover these themes in depth would be far too extensive for a 200-hour training course.


Hanne will teach at least 80% of the course, and along the way you will meet guest teachers who will share their expert knowledge and demonstrate their use of the yoga teacher's craft.The program is taught in English - but note that some guest teachers will teach in German (Swiss German).


It is important that you are prepared to spend about five to six hours on homework between modules. In addition, it is a very good idea that you do not add too many other major life projects on top of the training.

Meet The Team

What to expect

During the training we will go through:

  •     The history of yoga

  •     Yoga philosophy

  • How to use the Yoga Sutras in your practice

  •     Asana lab - foundational alignment of the main asanas

  •     Anatomy and physiology of the body

  • Subtle anatomy of the body

  • Chakras

  • Vayu

  •     Physiology and function of the breath

  •     Pranayama exercises

  •     Meditation techniques

  •     Mantra and chanting

  • How to teach safe and transformative yoga

  •     The Voice of the teacher

  •     Verbal and hands-on adjustments

  •     How to create meaningful and transformational sequencing

  •    How to create a life and business as a yoga teacher

You will:

  •     Dive deep into the profound, transformational science that is yoga

  •     Create a solid foundation for your own yoga practice, both on the yoga mat and in life

  •     Gain a safe and secure relationship with the physical yoga postures

  •     Learn to teach physical yoga postures, with safety and confidence

  •     Learn to teach pranayama exercises and meditation techniques

  •     Learn to create meaningful yoga sequences that will help your students reach new heights physically, mentally and spiritually

  •     Learn to use your voice

  •     Stand stronger within yourself

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The practical part


Fridays: 15:30 - 20:00
Saturdays and Sundays: 08:00 - 17:00

  • Jan 2024, 12th - 14th

  • Feb 2024, 23rd - 25th

  • March 2024, 15th - 17th

  • April 2024, 12th - 14th

  • May 2024, 24th - 26th

  • June 2024, 14th - 16th

  • July 2024, 5th - 7th

  • Aug/Sep 2024, 30th - 1st

  • Sep 2024, 27th - 29th

    In total 202,5 contact hours
    On top of that comes the hours (minimum 17,5 hours in total (probably more)) you spend preparing/studying/taking the exam at home

Price: 4100 CHF

inkl MwSt, manual, exam, diploma after end course and/or certificate after passed exam.

It is possible to pay in rates of 500 CHF + 2 x 1800 CHF
A "Book my spot" fee of 500 CHF must be paid upon registration. This fee is non-refundable


On Fridays, Saturday and Sunday afternoons we will practice in the FlowFabrik Studio in Veltheim.
On Saturday and Sunday morning we will meet in a nearby location.

Language: English

Hanne understands and can translate (most stuff) to German/Swiss German
Some guest teachers will teach in German.

On Demand/Online

This is an in person training.
However, if you get sick or are prevented from joining a weekend, we can discuss to record parts of the content on Zoom.

Want to join or have questions?

Sign up by sending an email to Hanne via

In the E-mail write a bit about who you are, what yoga means to you and why you want to join this training.
You are welcome to write in German or English.


The exam is completely voluntary. If you have attended at least 85% (162 Hours) of the training, you can receive a
diploma for your participation, even if you do not take
the exam. Of course, it is recommended that you sit the exam,
because it helps to keep the learning process going in the post-training period. If you pass the exam, you will
receive a certificate (which is different from the diploma). The exam is included in the price of the course.

The exam can be written in German or English.

Who can participate

To attend this training we expect that you are both physically and mentally stable.
We recommend that you have at least 1 year of regular yoga practice. But ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you are ready to participate in this yoga teacher training program. If you are
you are unsure, you can attend a class or workshop with Hanne and ask her to keep an eye on your practice. You can have a short chat afterwards.

You might also want to know more about Hannes style of teaching. Reach out to Hanne and she will be happy to send you a few recorded online classes to do at home. You are also welcome to book classes and come by at FlowFabrik.

Minimum/Maximum amount participation

This training will take place with a minimum of 6 participants.
The maximum amount of participants is 10 people.

How to prepare for the training:
Once you have registered and we have approved your participation, you will receive an email with practical information about the yoga teacher training programm.
This email will also contain tips on how to prepare. There will be suggestions for reading, suggestions for
specific online classes and a technical online course.
Overall, of course, it's just a good idea to practice a whole lot of yoga leading up to the programme, and to support that
FlowFabrik offers: 20 % discount on yoga classes, from the day you sign up until the end of the programme

Each attendant is responsible for his/her own insurance. FlowFabrik and the associated teacher in this training are not liable for any injuries at and/or around the studio.
The responsibility for the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the participants and mental well-being of the participants themselves. By signing up for this training you accept the AGBs of FlowFabrik. See here.

Cancellation policy:

Cancellation 6 months before training start: Full Refund *

Cancellation 6-3 months before training start: Refund of  75 % of full price will be issued *

Cancellation less than 3 months before training start: No refund

* = With exception of the 500 CHF non-refundable enrollment fee

COVID note:

The training is subject to the official regulations and protective measures in force at the time of implementation. Participants in the Yoga Teacher Training accept that - if necessary - face-to-face classes will take place online or parts of the training will have to be postponed.


For reasons of better readability, this text has been written in masculine and feminine written form. All
all references to persons apply equally to all genders and non-genders.

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